How To Get Started

Booking Tips & Session Expectations

When booking, please mention the issue that you are seeking support with:

weight loss – stress management – parenting – relationships – chronic pain – procrastination – anxiety – trauma – insomnia – professional/personal achievement

This helps us to make the best use of our time during the session, and so that you get the best value out of our initial consultation.

Within our private online sessions, we firstly discuss your needs and preferences, so that we can tailor and co-create a plan together to cater to your personal needs, in order to work on whatever is important and meaningful for you.

FREE 30-Minute Session

If you’re not sure where to start or would like information on our program offerings, schedule a call to see how Hypnosis can help you overcome challenges in your life, whether that be sessions or a program tailored to fit your specific needs.

Private 60-Minute Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions


This option is for you if you’re new to hypnosis. You will gain knowledge in the fundamentals of Hypnosis, experience deep relaxation through trance, and gain a new skill to overcome your issue.


This option is for you if you are ready for deep. lasting transformation. Meeting weekly up to four times a month to build consistency in reconditioning the neural pathways, so that your thoughts, behaviors, and actions reflect a new, improved you.

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Ready to Transform Your Inner State? Let’s Work Together!

Learn and discover more about harnessing the power of your mind through hypnotherapy.

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